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Winter 2022 - Fall 2023

Personal Development Project

During the winter of 2023, I undertook a project that aimed to introduce myself to the world of ReactJS. The project helped me gain a deeper understanding of various concepts, including both basic and advanced topics. Some of the concepts I learned about included prop drilling, which involves passing data from one component to another, React Router, which enables the creation of multi-page applications, responsive UI/UX design, which ensures that the user interface and experience are optimized across different devices, and state management with Redux, which enables the management of complex application states. The project provided an excellent opportunity for me to learn valuable skills that I can use in my future endeavors.


The main objective of this project was to create a user interface and experience that is similar to the popular pomofocus app, while also enhancing its functionality. I aimed to provide users with a more efficient, organized, and visually appealing approach to time management. Throughout the development process, I carefully analyzed the features of the original app and made necessary improvements to enhance user experience. I focused on implementing user-friendly features and eliminating any complexities that might hinder productivity. The final product is a fully-functional time management tool that is user-friendly, visually appealing, and designed to help users stay focused and productive.


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