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December 2023 - January 2024


Cleaner By Design is an e-commerce web application designed to provide a seamless online shopping experience. This platform specializes in offering eco-friendly and sustainable home organization products, catering to a niche market of environmentally conscious consumers. Built using Next.js, PostgreSQL, and TypeScript, the project not only highlights technical proficiency but also demonstrates a commitment to modern, scalable web technologies aligned with innovative business practices.


  • Sustainable Product Catalog: A detailed catalog showcasing modern eco-friendly home organization solutions that are better for both the consumer and the planet.
  • Secure Checkout Process: Integrated secure payment systems ensuring user security during transactions.
  • Multi currency support
  • User Profile Management: Allows users to create profiles where they can track orders, save favorite products, and manage payment methods securely.
  • Responsive Design: Adjustable UI components optimized for various devices enhancing usability across different platforms.


One major challenge was integrating real-time data updates frequently seen in stock levels or prices without performance penalties on user experiences – solved by efficiently structuring database calls through advanced SQL scripts paired effectively within our Redux state management flows implemented via hooks provided by Next.js framework itself.


Platform Migration: Migrated existing product listings and customer data from old systems to leverage Medusa’s headless architecture.

Customized Shopping Features: Developed interactive UI enhancements using React on top of the headless commerce functionality provided by Medusa.

Secure Payment Gateway Integration: Ensured secure transactions with integrated payment options optimized for speed and protection against fraud.



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